Understanding Dementia - Forest Hill

Uniting AgeWell is holding a series of FREE community information sessions to help you understand this challenging time and plan ahead.

Dementia is a collection of symptoms caused by disorders affecting the brain. It often affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks. 

While dementia normally affects older people, it is important to remember not all older people get dementia. It is not a normal part of ageing. 

Join Alzheimer’s Australia and Uniting AgeWell Palliative Care Specialist Kerry Whitlock to better understand dementia, recognise the signs and find out what support is available to help manage the condition and make a positive difference to a person’s life.

For more information or to book a seat, contact the Uniting AgeWell Forest Hill Community on (03) 9845 3111.

Understanding Dementia - Forest Hill

Date: 03 October 2017
Time: 2.00pm

Uniting AgeWell Strathdon Comunity
17 Jolimont Road,
Forest Hill VIC 3131