Geelong gem happy and comfortable

Meet Al Mclean - a man who left his mark not only in the economic sphere, but in business and sports arenas.

Put quite simply, the resident at Uniting AgeWell Kalkee Community, Nangatta, excelled at pretty much everything he turned his mind to.

And now after a lifetime of getting things done, he's enjoying the care and comfort at Nangatta in the Geelong area he loves, and having a bit of well-earned rest and relaxation.

Al was born in Bendigo and was educated in Melbourne, Toronto in Canada and then at Deakin University, Geelong.

His academic achievements include a degree in science and a Phd in History. Over the years he worked as an industrial chemist in the plastics industry and in 1981 he took up the position of Director of Economic Development with the Geelong Regional Commission. From the mid 1990's until retirement he ran his own business.

He enjoyed his years as an officer in the Australian Army Reserve both in Melbourne and Geelong.

He was a whiz in the sports arena too. He represented Victoria in soccer as a 14 year old and went on to play Australian Rules Football with Port Melbourne. He umpired a whopping 200 games with the Geelong Umpires League.

His greatest love is athletics, and as a young man he competed in the Decathlon. As a veteran athlete he won many local, Victorian and National events. Winning Gold and Bronze medals at the World Veterans Championships in 1994 was an achievement he looks back on with pride and joy. Also coaching young athletes over the years to national and world standard has given him a great deal of pleasure.

He and his wife Judy ran a farm on five acres at Bannockburn and enjoyed a country lifestyle growing their own fruit, vegetables and livestock. They also competed in and won at many Agricultural Shows.

He has three children and five grandchildren.