"Health nut" is loving life

Janet Gellie describes herself as “something of a health nut” – and she’s proud to say that over the years she’s stoically refused to eat cake, chips, chocolate and has never drunk alcohol.

So the sprightly 87-year-old is delighted that she’s able to follow such a healthy and tasty eating regimen at Uniting AgeWell Box Hill Community, where the meals are carefully planned by a dietician to be balanced, protein-rich and delicious.

“The food is excellent, it’s very healthy, and of course there are all the other creamy cakes that the other residents love,” she says.

Every day the former physical education teacher goes on walks around the beautiful gardens and also helps set up all the equipment for the exercise classes.

The mother and grandmother-of-four moved to Box Hill Community five years ago as she found living on her own and coping with treatment for bowel and lung cancer was taking its toll.

With everything taken care of, Janet finds she can just concentrate on being happy and staying healthy and fit.

Fitness has played a huge role in her life. She used to play baseball and cricket, rode a bicycle for most of her life and walked rather than drove to the shops.

“I like that I’ve got choices here at Box Hill Community,” Janet says. “I decide how to spend my days, I love playing the piano and I have made a lot of friends. I like reading, knitting, listening to music and doing crossword puzzles.”