The Uniting AgeWell Hawthorn AgeWell Centre offers a friendly and welcoming environment where older people can meet and socialise with others, enjoy a wide range of activities or participate in allied health and wellbeing programs to restore and maintain their wellbeing, independence and community connection.

Our service takes into account each person’s individual goals, preferences and choices and is underpinned by a strong emphasis on restorative approaches, including wellness and reablement.

Hawthorn Centre offers tailored rehabilitation and health maintenance programs, special focus groups and health promotion activities including:

Rehabilitation services
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational therapy
• Exercise physiology
• Massage therapy
• Social work

Group programs
• Tai Chi
• Balance groups
• Exercise and gym programs
• Education sessions

Our dynamic programs seek to encourage independence, create friendships, reduce isolation and cultivate a strong connection to the community.

We actively work with you to connect you to your passions and interests, while assisting you to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our centre-based programs include:
• Men’s Shed
• Craft activities
• Gardening groups
• Board games
• Trivia groups
• Special interest groups

Our day outing groups travel to places of interest.

The Hawthorn Centre’s programs are available to people living in the community who:
• Are aged 65 years and over
• Are aged 50 years and are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
• Have carers who require respite due to stress or ill health
• Live alone and are assessed as being at risk; or
• Are clients at risk of social isolation or depression
• Are younger people living with a disability
• Have an assessed health concern that requires rehabilitation or restorative assistance

For information about eligibility and referrals contact the Hawthorn AgeWell Centre today.

It’s a bloke’s world at Uniting AgeWell Men’s Sheds

Creating masterpieces, making new friends and improving wellbeing are just some activities our men get up to at our Men’s Sheds. 

Drop into any of our Sheds and you might see a number of men making furniture, restoring home items or assembling wishing wells for our residential communities. 

You might also see a few young men working with older men, obtaining new skills while sharing a laugh.    

Uniting AgeWell Men’s Sheds provides a safe and stimulating environment where men can remain active in body and mind, while forming old-fashioned mateship.

Featured Story Mens Shed

Hawthorn AgeWell Centre

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Hawthorn VIC 3122

Tel: (03) 9845 3114

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Community Services

  • Bendigo Respite Services

    Bendigo Respite Services assist carers in taking regular breaks from their, at times, challenging circumstances. They may be experiencing difficulties balancing their employment, study or leisure time with their care responsibilities and need time to recharge.

    Phone: (03) 5454 2100
    Address: Shop 13 / 172 McIvor Highway, Strathdale VIC 3550
  • Andrew Kerr Care AgeWell Centre

    ​The Andrew Kerr AgeWell Centre provides social support for older people on the Mornington Peninsula run by experienced staff.

    Phone: (03) 9845 3114
    Address: 67-69 Tanti AvenueMornington VIC 3931
  • Carer Respite Services Melbourne

    Uniting AgeWell Carer Respite Services Melbourne provides a range of respite services across the eastern, southern and western metropolitan regions of Melbourne, to support the individual needs of carers and help them maintain their caring role.

    Phone: (03) 8845 1800
    Address: 9 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill, VIC 3131
  • Forest Hill AgeWell Centre

    Forest Hill AgeWell Centre provides social support, allied health and therapy programs including podiatry and the state-of-the-art HUR gym, and carer respite and support.

    Phone: (03) 9845 3114
    Address: 9 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill VIC 3131
  • Geelong AgeWell Centre

    The Geelong AgeWell Centre provide social support and respite and carer services, including day activities and outings to people in the Geelong region.

    Phone: (03) 9845 3114
    Address: 176-180 Francis Street, Belmont VIC 3216
  • Hawthorn AgeWell Centre

    Hawthorn AgeWell Centre offers tailored rehabilitation and health maintenance programs, special focus groups and health promotion activities

    Phone: (03) 9845 3114
    Address: 93-95 Elgin Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122