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Our Latrobe Community aged care residence in North West Tasmania has undergone an expansion and renovation to provide more high quality care to seniors, enabling them to remain within their local community as they age.

A new, state-of-the-art 30-bed wing featuring modern single bedrooms with ensuites opened in May.

The renovation also includes new community facilities, including a hairdressing salon, chapel, activities room and community café, where residents can spend time with their friends and family.

The welcoming facility offers high quality, modern services that cater for the needs of older people in North West Tasmania, including rooms designed for people from the Indigenous community.

We recognise everyone’s needs are different. Whether you need a little help with everyday living or more intensive support, our flexible and responsive approach ensures you can get the most out of life, no matter where you are on your ageing journey.


I’ve always been a very active person and, even though I’m 92 years old, I love getting up and doing things to help.

We have five budgerigars and I look after them. I get up early in the morning to feed them and wheel the cage to a nice position for the day, then put them away at night.

I also go down to the laundry every morning and fold the serviettes for the residents to use in the dining room. And of course, my gardening – I love working in the garden here and all the residents and families enjoy the beautiful garden.

I contribute to the community at Strathdevon, just like I would at home.

- Bette Davey, Resident

Strathdevon Bette Resident

Accommodation options

Room category Room description Max RAD Max DAP Example: 50/50 RAD + DAP combination
Superior (Henley) Single room + ensuite $375,000 $41.30 ​$187,500 + $20.65
Premium (Henley) Single room + ensuite $350,000 $38.54 ​$175,000 + $19.27
Premium (Roland) Single room + ensuite $250,000 $27.53 ​$125,000 + $13.76

The above table details the maximum accommodation rates for Latrobe Community, Strathdevon. (Effective 1st January 2021)

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by either a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit), or a DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment); or a combination of both. A DAP accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. A combination payment includes both a partial RAD and partial DAP.

I work as an Extended Care Assistant and am studying to become a registered nurse.

A couple of years ago I did some work experience in aged care and found I could make a significant impact to someone’s life in this sector. In aged care you have a more intimate relationship with your residents than you might in a hospital – you’re working in their home during a really special time of their life.

I always try to give the residents a little bit of extra time and be there as a friend or someone they can talk to, as well as supporting the families of our residents.

The most rewarding thing about working in aged care is bringing joy to other people.

– Kaitlyn Smith, Extended Care Assistant

Strathdevon Eca Profile

Latrobe Community, Strathdevon

37 Moriarty Road,
Latrobe TAS 7307

Tel: (03) 7038 0400
Fax: (03) 7038 0477

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